Some By Mi Super Matcha Pore Cleansing Gel Cleanser

RM 48.00

Super Matcha Pore Cleansing Gel perfectly removes hidden impurities inside the pores with three types of powder from Konjac Granules that gently scrubs and softens the skin's texture. 

The cleansing gel is composed of three main layers: 62% matcha water, micro-micellar bubbles enriched with natural BHA and PHA, and a mix of konjac granules, calamine, green tea, and tea tree powders, all to purify the skin.

  • Purifies tightens and moisturizes pores with 62% of Matcha Water
  • Three types of powder: Calamine, green tea, and tea tree
  • Forms micro micellar bubbles deeply cleanse off accumulated impurities layered inside the pores
  • Dissolves dead skin cells without irritation, contains BHA, PHA ingredients, and white willow bark extract
  • Skin irritation test completed, no 20 harmful chemicals


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